What is it like to be gay in New Zealand?

NZ Research is a fantastic website provided by the National Library which publishes freely-available research papers and related resources. When New Zealand became a British colony inBritish law was adopted in its entirety, making " buggery " illegal and a capital offence. Coming out in somewhere like Australia would be a lot different, living here now I can see the gay community is lot a more polarised than it is in New Zealand.


A fortnightly lesbian event called 'Flirt' is held in Auckland, on the first and third Saturday of each month. Retrieved 11 October I went to a really macho, masculinity-driven "rugby" school. At 48, and heterosexual, she said she could remember how homosexuals were treated before the law changed allowed them to come out and be open.

For him, it was just a perfectly normal question to ask. Do you think if you'd grown up in another context, would you have felt more comfortable coming out earlier? Share on Reddit reddit.

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You can eat, drink, and be as colourful and fabulous as you want and nobody really bats an eyelid. He said he still felt unsafe to hold another man's hand in town. Ellen : Absolutely, I remember walking through the gates at Auckland airport and feeling like I could do whatever I wanted.

Despite discriminatory laws, a small gay subculture developed. Websites The queer community continue to advocate for positive change, and as such many groups now use websites and online newsletters to communicate information.

  • People often wonder what it is like to live in New Zealand.
  • The map provided by Alina is interesting but bear in mind that it is about the gay marriage bill only. The point of that being that even in areas where the MP voted against gay marriage, that doesn't mean those areas are full of homophobes that will discriminate against gay people.
  • Here is a selection of living in New Zealand experiences submitted by our readers.
  • Towards the end of last year, I was outed as being queer to some of the residents at my university hall.

Steve, American born, is now a New Zealand citizen. Until , the Hero Festival was held in Auckland each February, and included the Hero Parade , which attracted huge crowds, both gay and straight. They are very homophobic. Apps like Grindr provide a way to make a connection, but most same-sex encounters can't get too personal because of the danger.

New Zealand comes pretty close. I'll meet people all the time and I'll tell them I'm into guys and they'll be like, "Oh you don't even seem gay?

What is it like to be gay in New Zealand?

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  • As compared to what? As a gay American that has lived in New Zealand 14 years, I feel kiwi gay men at least, to be more ageist than their American and European counterparts. They are also more dismissive of intergenerational relationships. There seems to be a . LGBT in New Zealand. The gay-friendly environment is epitomised by the fact that there are several Members of Parliament who belong to the LGBT community, gay rights are protected by the New Zealand Human Rights Act, and same-sex couples are able to marry as of Sex between men was decriminalised in
  • Gay rights groups have complained that certain websites that restrict their dating services to watch
  • New Zealand society is generally accepting of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender peoples. The LGBT-friendly environment is epitomised by the fact that there are several members of Parliament who. New Zealanders are generally accepting of gays and lesbians, although homophobia (such.
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  • The map provided by Alina is interesting but bear in mind that it is about the gay marriage bill only. I personally would have voted against the gay marriage bill. “New Zealand is so gay friendly,” Brian notes, “that we forget that it's not the norm everywhere.” He recounts, “A nice example of how we are treated, goes like.
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  • If you want a culturally rich, geographically stunning, safe, and LGBTQ and progressive” gay-friendly travel destinations in the world by Lonely Planet. We are. Nobody lives in New Zealand for a vibrant and thriving gay scene like you'd find in Sydney or San Francisco. Yet in pockets of both our largest.
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